Font Awesome Icon Set Stencils


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    Font Awesome Icon Set Stencils

    Our Font Awesome Icon Wireframing Stencil Set has over 630+ pictographic icons for quick access while wireframing.

    If you don’t already know, Font Awesome is a web font originally designed for Bootstrap, but can be used for many other purposes and other popular frameworks. Front-end developers and designers love their huge library of 632 pictographic icons for easily scalable vector graphics on websites so we’ve taken that iconic font and converted them into stencils for your wireframing pleasure.

    You might be asking yourself, why the did you do that? Why not use it the way it was intended – as a font. Well, for starters we believe using inline stencils inside your favorite wireframing tool is far easier than using a font for many reasons. Using our pre-made stencils is far quicker than using an external font manager like Font Book or Character Map, opening it up, browsing for the right icon, copying, pasting, resizing it to the appropriate size, and coloring it. This is because we’ve already done all the legwork by exporting all the icons to a vector format, re-scaling each icon, and properly naming each individual icon to easily be easily searchable. This allows you to quickly find the right icon for your designs and quickly drag ‘n drop from this extensive library of icons into your designs in seconds.

    In case you were wondering our stencils are based on Font Awesome, version 4.6.2, and also don’t forget to check out the official Font Awesome site for the full list of included icons.

    Compatible With:

          Compatible with PowerPoint  Compatible with Keynote
    The Font Awesome Icon Set Stencils is compatible with Adobe Photoshop (.csh), Adobe Illustrator (.ai and .ai symbol), and Microsoft Visio (.vss, .vssx, .vsd, and .vsdx), Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx) and Apple Keynote (.key). Plus as an added bonus you’ll also receive this set in .svg and .pdf formats as well as individual .svg and .png files.

    Did you download this set and find something wrong? If so, drop us a line and we’ll fix it ASAP. We strive for perfection and want to ensure your satisfaction.