Twitter Bootstrap Icon Set Stencils


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    Twitter Bootstrap Icon Set Stencils

    Our Twitter Bootstrap Icon Set Stencils includes 260 glyphs which are included in the Twitter Bootstrap 3 Framework which were derived from the Glyphicon Halflings set.

    Many designers have felt heartache when front-end developers inadvertently swap out icons or glyphs that were purposely placed in wireframes, but only to have them replaced with another icon since it was easier for the developer to use an existing sprite, framework or another similar icon that is easily accessible. This ultimately hurts the user experience since it can convolute the context and original purpose of the icon.

    So, we thought it would be a great idea to help designers and developers get on the same page by empowering designers with the same icon set that their front-end counterparts will probably ultimately use. This way there is no loss in your design language when you deliver your wireframes and when they eventually get translating into code since everybody is using the same framework. So, we’ve taken the icon set included in Twitter Bootstrap and packaged them up nicely into easy to use stencils for your favorite design tools.

    About Twitter Bootstrap

    Twitter Bootstrap, officially it’s called just “Bootstrap” nowadays, is a very popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web as well as common interface components. It’s a collection of tools for creating websites and web applications, mainly meant for front-end developers to kick start projects more efficiently. The framework itself contains HTML- and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation, and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions and icons.

    Compatible With:

      Compatible with Omnigraffle    Compatible with PowerPoint  Compatible with Keynote

    Our Twitter Bootstrap Icon set is compatible with Adobe Illustrator (.ai and .ai symbol), OmniGraffle (.gstencil file as icon sheet, not as a stencil), Microsoft Visio (.vss, .vssx, .vsd and .vsdx), Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx) and Apple Keynote (.key). Plus as an added bonus you’ll also receive this set in .png, .svg and .pdf formats.

    Did you download this set and find something wrong? If so, drop us a line and we’ll fix it ASAP. We strive for perfection and want to ensure your satisfaction.